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Karim is an honest and straight forward lawyer.  He was the first lawyer I spoke to after my son was charged with serious charges because he was with the wrong people at the wrong time.  He took the time to speak to us and gave us so much information that helped put our mind at ease.  We went and spoke to other lawyers but none of them gave us the sense of confidence that we got when we spoke to Karim.  Once Karim handled the case, he quickly convinced the court that my son was not involved in these matters and his charges were dropped within a very short time.

Barrie, ON


Karim is one of the best criminal defence lawyers in the city as far as I’m concerned.  My wife tried to drag me to jail so that she can take my house and my kids. Karim knew exactly who to speak to and what to say to have my problem resolved and my charges dropped.

M. D.
Toronto, ON


I’ve only ever been in trouble with the policeonce and it was the worst experience of my life. I spoke to three “senior” lawyers who all promised me that they would personally supervise their junior associates on my case. I don’t understand why these people think it’s ok to do that. Who am I hiring? Who do I go to with my problems and questions? Karim assured me that he would personally handle every aspect of my case, and he did.  He updated me every step of the way and delivered the result he promised me on our first meeting. I am forever grateful.

K. P.
Orillia, ON


15 years ago, I visited Canada and was arrested by mistake.  13 years later I was refused a job permit because of the old police record.  I got Karim’s number from my cousin in Toronto and called him not realizing it was midnight in Toronto. He actually picked up and by the next day, we had began the process of destroying the police record and within weeks my job permit was granted.  I couldn’t believe how smooth the entire process was given that I was in India at the time.

Kitchener, ON (Thanks to Karim!)


Charges dismissed! Thank you Karim

Mary Y.
Toronto, ON