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Domestic Assaults

There are arguments and disputes in every home. Unfortunately, sometimes things escalate and the police become involved. From that point on, the family dispute turns into a full-fledged police investigation. The police decide whether to lay charges against one or more parties. The parties and their family members themselves have no say in it whatsoever! Being charged with a domestic assault has grave and immediate consequences. In most circumstances the party or parties charged will be arrested, removed from the home, held for a bail hearing in court, and not allowed to return to the home. Not only is access to the home itself often forbidden, but often you will be prohibited from contacting other family members, including your own children.

Going to court alone can be scary. If you don’t know what you’re doing, your case can be delayed months. That is time you will be spending away from your home and family. Advice from court staff lawyers, if available, will be generic and given under serious time constraints without giving your specific circumstances and case the special attention it needs. You may be presented with options that sound good in the short term, but that have terrible long term consequences including a permanent criminal record that will forever impact your ability to secure employment and travel to other countries. Never agree to any kind of position offered to you in court by the Crown or in writing unless you consult your own private lawyer in order to fully understand what is being offered.

Karim Morgan understands that domestic related charges hit people hardest where it hurts the most; at home. In the appropriate cases a special variation of the bail conditions can be negotiated with the Crown or applied for in the Superior Court of Justice in order to allow you to return home to your family and normal life quickly and well before the conclusion of the case. As experienced counsel he will work with you to develop the perfect defence strategy that will get you reunited back with your family as quickly as possible and without any negative legal consequences.