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Customs & Border Offences

Whether you are a professional importer of goods, or a Canadian tourist returning from an international destination, it is your responsibility to ensure that you are complying with all Canadian laws regulating what you can bring back into Canada with you, how much of it you can bring back with you, and to whom you must declare your importation. Failing to comply with these laws and regulations is a serious matter. You may find yourself facing serious charges laid by the Canada Border Services Agency. In addition to hefty fines, penalties, and duties, you can be facing the real threat of a jail sentence. Most offences laid by the CBSA will appear on your criminal record as convictions should you be found guilty of them. As a Canadian, this can have negative impact on your ability to travel to and from Canada as you may be turned away at another country’s border and face much increased scrutiny upon re-entering Canada.

If you are foreign national visiting Canada, you are also expected to know and obey these same laws. Ignorance of our Canadian laws and regulations is NOT a defence. Foreign nationals charged with these types of offences can face extreme difficulty in getting released from custody once charged as they are seen as a flight risk. As a result, lengthy pre-trial detention is a possibility. Furthermore, in addition to hefty fines and penalties being imposed, if you are found guilty of some of these offences in Canada, your home country may be notified and a similar mark may be entered on your criminal record there. Finally, being found guilty of these offences could automatically ban you from entering Canada again.

If you are charged with an offence by the CBSA, do not hesitate; call Karim Morgan and get his 12 years of experience on your side. Failing to deal with these matters, or dealing with them on your own, could result in negative consequences that can include high fines, hefty penalties, periods of incarceration in jail, and a permanent ban on your entry into Canada. Save your money and protect your future. Call Karim now and start working on your legal defence.