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Criminal Defence Attorney Karim Morgan will stand up for your rights, defend you, and fight for you!
Call Karim Morgan immediately if you are:
  • Wanted by the police for ANY reason
  • If you have been charged by the police with any criminal offence
  • If you have received a ticket or summons for any type of driving offence
  • If your business has been charged as a result of conduct of employee(s)
  • If you have been charged by any government agency for violation of any provincial or municipal laws
The Adversarial System

Our legal system is called the "Adversarial System". That's because when you are charged with an offence by any part of the government, you and the government become adversaries on opposite ends of a fight. Your adversary will be will be formidable. Lawyers, investigators, auditors, forensic scientists, and a massive police force are all at the government's disposal in this fight.

Don't contact the police! Don't go to court alone! Don't accept any "plea bargains" or "deals" offered! THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES.....and they don't have to tell you about them either!

Areas of Practice

If you are found guilty of any of these offences you will have a permanent criminal record, hefty fines, and lose your driving privileges for minimum of one year. Some options are time sensitive. Time starts counting from the day you are charged, so don't wait for your first court appearance! Call Karim Morgan Now! Read More →

Facing domestic assault charges means being kicked out of your house, being prohibited from seeing and talking to your family members, and the possibility of permanent criminal convictions and lengthy jail sentences. Karim will work with you to develop the perfect defence strategy that will get you reunited back with your family as quickly as possible and without any negative legal consequences.Call Karim Now! Read More →

Today, more than ever, police have more power to pry into your private life to investigate these charges. The Supreme Court has recently made it easier for people charged with these offences to be denied bail. Jail sentences for these offences are mandatory and longer than ever before. Karim has worked on some of the biggest busts and projects. Call Karim Now! and get him on your side now! Read More →

If you still think that the Canadian criminal justice system does not punish white collar crime seriously, then you are wrong. Karim Morgan brings a meticulous and organized approach to the defence of these types of financial crimes. Every case is assessed individually in consultation with the client and all factors are taken into account when preparing our defence strategy. Call Karim Now! Read More →

Detention at the early stage of the process can have grave consequences. Awaiting trial for months or even years behind bars means that the accused-person's life has already been ruined; even if they are ultimately acquitted. If your loved one is in custody awaiting a bail hearing, or has been denied bail, call Karim Morgan immediately to start working on their release procedures! Read More →

Call Karim Morgan before paying any kind of traffic ticket! With over 20 years of experience in "traffic court", Karim can fight to ensure that your driving record remains clean and your insurance premiums unchanged. Read More →

Whether you are personally charged, or whether it is your company, a provincial offences conviction can have serious consequences. A hefty fine might just be the tip of the iceberg. Increased scrutiny from regulators, audits of various types, and higher insurance premiums can follow. In extreme cases, you can be sent to jail! Call Karim immediately and find out what defences are available to you! Read More →

If you are charged by the Canada Border Services Agency, call Karim Morgan immediately. By paying fines or pleading guilty, you can be adding entries on to your Criminal Record. Get experienced counsel, Karim Morgan, on your side and he will guide you through the process from A-Z to ensure you get the best outcome. Read More →

If someone is causing you to fear for your safety, or the safety of your loved ones, go to the police right now. If the police will not help you, then Karim Morgan will! Call now to discuss with Karim the legal options you have to protect yourself and your family. Read More →

If you need your documents notarized or commissioned or require an affidavit drafted and an oath administered, call Karim Morgan now. If you can't come to him, he will come to you! Read More →

Why Choose Karim Morgan?
With an undergraduate background in Criminology and an elite legal education from Osgoode Hall Law School, Karim possesses an elite legal acumen.

But there's no substitute for experience, and Karim has it! Karim has enjoyed a successful 12 year career as a criminal defense lawyer having spent countless hours in intensive negotiations with Crown attorneys and vigorous cross examination of police officers. He will use every bit of that experience to ensure that you come out of this fight unscathed.

Call Karim now and speak to him about your charges. Karim will take the time to listen to you and review your matter personally. He will work with you to make sure that your defence is tailored to your case and vigorously advocated in court. He will negotiate fiercely on your behalf to ensure that your rights are upheld and that you obtain the best result.

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