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Provincial Laws

In January of 2019, the Province of Ontario passed new laws that regulate driving after consumption of Cannabis Marijuana.  In most cases, these laws complement the Federal (Criminal Code) Laws that have been passed since October of 2018.

In Ontario, there have been provincially set limits for the amount of THC that a driver is allowed to have in their system while operating a motor vehicle.  The consequences of being charged with one of these offences are immediate and begin at the roadside before ever setting foot in a courthouse or being found guilty.  The roadside consequences depend on the driver’s blood-THC levels and the number of previous convictions for these types of offences.  For those found with blood-THC levels of 2-5 nanograms, immediate suspensions range from 3 to 30 days and reinstatement can cost anywhere fro $250 to over $1000 in fees, mandatory counseling programs, and even mandatory medical tests.

Those charged with driving with blood-THC levels higher than 5 nanograms face immediate suspensions of 90 days and 7 day vehicle impoundment.  In addition, license reinstatement can involve hefty fines, fees, as well expensive counseling programs and mandatory medical testing.

Furthermore, under provincial laws, if you are found guilty of driving with a blood-THC level of over 5 nanograms under the Federal (Criminal Code) Offences, your license will be suspended additionally for a minimum of one year and reinstatement will involve costly counseling as well as an “ignition interlock” device being installed in your vehicle at your expense.  Medical testing may also be required.  For subsequent offences, license suspensions can quickly escalate into a lifetime driving ban.

For more information on the Federal Criminal Code Offences related to driving, you can read more about them here.

If you are charged with any of these offences, whether under the Criminal Code or the Provincial acts, you can benefit from immediate legal advice.  There are time sensitive options that you need to consider right away.  Furthermore, in some cases, some of the expenses associated with vehicle seizure and storage can be minimized.  Call Karim Morgan now and book your consultation to review all your available options and defences.